• White Label Apps

    White Label Apps are built from predominantly pre-coded and developed components that offer specific functions. These are customisable to suit business needs.

    They offer a simple solution to most small to medium enterprise businesses, which is cost effective and very adaptable.

    There are over 40 features which are available to use within this app structure and they can be reviewed HERE.

    These are native apps that are built for iOS, iPhone and iPad, and Android devices and have HTML5 versions for Blackberry and Windows devices.

    The app content is server based, which means you can update and make changes to your app, and have those changes reflect immediately.

    These app do not however store or write any data back to a database.

  • Hybrid Solution Apps

    Hybrid App Solutions use a white label app as a base, but have a web based database attached to managed content that is either gathered or delivered within the app.

    If you are looking for a cost effective App solution which requires some data or information management, then we can construct a web based back-end for your white label app.

    This offers more adaptability for gathering and manipulating data but still offers a budget conscious alternative to a fully custom built native app.

    Hybrid Apps are built on iOS, for iPhone and iPad, and Android devices with HTML5 versions for Blackberry and Windows smartphones.

  • Custom Solution Apps

    Businesses that require a better fit to their needs, may require the extended capabilities of a custom built app.

    Custom built apps are designed to client specifications, and cater specifically to the requirements your business needs, or to the concept of your business idea.

    Our team of developers will design and construct a custom app solution from wire frame to deployment stage.

    With a rapid agile development methodology, we ensure that the project scope is managed to best practice standards whilst still allowing for innovation and improvements within the project.

    Custom App are built on iOS, for iPhone and iPad, and Android platforms.