Red Monkey Apps (RMA) is a full service mobile marketing company specialising in providing an innovative and cost-effective mobile solution for businesses both big and small.



RMA will custom design, develop and deploy a fully responsive mobile Website and or mobile Application, designed to increase mobile interaction and ultimately overall customer traffic.

Mobile Apps will be made available on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.
RMA will require the following from the client prior to development:

  • Completed Client Spec Form (App development only)
  • High Resolution Logo image (PNG, PDF or JPG)
  • 8 High Resolution images
  • Any product or service lists, brochures, catalogues or menus (PDF’s)
  • If you have chosen the shopping cart feature we will require a list of products, their categories if any, pricing and images
  • Any and all available content

All third party integration will require the client to supply us with existing accounts or API Keys.

When the above information has been submitted in full, an invoice for a 50 % deposit will be generated. Once the deposit has been received development will commence.

The project start date is from when all images, content and deposit have been received and the scope of project has been agreed to by both parties.




Schedule of development for mobile Websites and Apps is approximately 30 days or less from the project start date. This depends greatly on the efficiency of receiving all the needed content and how fast the scope of development is approved.

When all needed content and deposit have been received our Director of development will contact the client to discuss the scope of works. For mobile Websites the scope can be based on an existing Website or brief. Scope for mobile Apps will be based on the completed Client Spec Form. Any existing Websites and Apps may be used as examples if available.

Development will NOT commence and a full refund of the deposit will be issued if RMA and the client are not in agreement on the scope of the project.

If both parties agree to the scope of works the client will receive a “Preview” version of the mobile App within 7 to 14 days which they will be able to view on both Apple and Android platforms. Mobile Websites will be previewed on the developer’s server 14 to 21 days from scope approval.

On receipt of the client approving the “Preview” versions, a second invoice will be generated for the balance of the development cost.

On receiving this payment both versions of the App will be submitted to Google Play and iTunes for publishing. Android App’s take 24 to 48 hours while Apple’s can take be between 10 to 14 days subject to Apple’s approval. Websites will go live within two to three days of approval but this is subject to the clients hosting provider giving access the the FTP or Cpanel for webiste file and database upload.

The client will be notified the instant the App’s have been published in the relative App stores. They will also receive QR download codes for both versions of the App to assist in promoting the App with customers.




As part of this proposal, RMA offers hosting of your mobile html5 Web App and Native App while maintaining and updating the html5 Web App or App when necessary. If we are contracted to develop a fully responsive and optimised website, the additional service of hosting your website and maintenance thereof can also be arrange upon discussion of your needs.

Monthly Fees and Inclusions


Mobile App ($49.95 + GST per month OR $1,200 + GST for 10 Years)

  • App Hosting and Maintenance
  • Unlimited App Downloads, Unlimited Users and Unlimited Push Notifications
  • App upgrades affected by Android and Apple operating system updates
  • 24 hour Technical Response to Support
  • Continuous software updates to ensure mobile compatibility
  • Provide mobile analytics reports on request

Please note that if a function of feature update requires re-submission of your App to iTunes we charge and additional fee for this submission process of $80 + GST.

The client is able to edit and manage their content themselves within their App but is limited to Design and Feature changes.

Changes to Design and Features that warrant more than 30 minutes development time are subject to additional charges and will be discussed with the client on a case by case basis.


Website Hosting ($30 + GST per month)

  • Hosting, maintenance and support for your Website
  • 24 hour Technical Response to Support
  • Continuous software updates to ensure mobile compatibility

As a service we provide a html5 redirect script for non-mobile optimised websites to redirect to their html5 web App. This script is given to the client to be added to their website code, either themselves or by their own web developer. If the client would like this script to direct users who visit their website to a pop up which suggest the user download their Native App, we can amend and implement this script on the clients website at an additional cost of $99 +GST.



  1. 50% deposit establishes project start date
  2. The remaining 50% is due on “Preview” approval (10 Year Hosting fee is due at this time)
  3. Monthly hosting and maintenance payments are to be paid via direct debit once the Website and or Apps are live
  4. Any additional development outside of the original scope of work will be billed as work is completed and expenses are accrued
  5. Website “Pop Ups” can be developed for clients who would like to direct visitors to their site to download thier Native Apps at a cost of $99 + GST.
  6. Any updates or feature additions that require submission to Apple for iTunes Store updates will incur a fee $80 + GST.




Tasks outside the initial scope such as the creation of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, Google places, SEO, Pop Ups and other marketing services are not included in this proposal, but available upon request.

The Director of development will communicate directly with the client about any changes that affect cost.

Upon approval of this proposal Red Monkey Apps expects that the client will submit the needed content and 50% deposit.

By signing this proposal you are agreeing that any communal information is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without Red Monkey Apps permission.