What does it mean to “Go Mobile” and why is it so important for your business?

As of the 21st April 2015, Google has made a very important change to the search algorithm where mobile users are now actively being served mobile friendly pages.

Mobile friendly means that the pages of the website are specifically designed to view on a mobile device. This refers to smartphones, such a Android, iPhone or Windows phones. On these mobile devices, the screens sizes cannot show an entire webpage efficiently as it does on a desktop. The screen size is not sufficient and the page shrinks to fit on the devices screen.

This is not user friendly as it makes browsing and viewing the content on the page very difficult in such a small resolution.

Adopting a Responsive Web Design for your website means that your website design will respond according to the screen size it is rendering on and will show the content in a way that is optimised for the screen on which the user is viewing the website.

Responsive website design is Google’s recommended design platform.

Is your site mobile friendly?

A desktop version of your site is difficult to view on a mobile device and will see your users having to zoom and scroll around to read the content. This is frustrating and has your potential customer bouncing away from your site, usually in just a few seconds.