Why should you consider an App for your business?

For the majority of businesses 80% of their future revenue will come from 20% of their existing customers.

Therefore having the ability to initiate contact with your customers within seconds in order to drive
in-store traffic, online sales or even attract customers away from competitors is an advantage for any business.

Why it Works
Our apps include features specific to the clients business that offer value to the user. This encourages the user to download the app in the first place and also becomes the reason for the app remaining on their device.

As a result you are now constantly connected to hundreds, even thousands of your customers, which you can engage with at any time through the app using the push notification feature.
Our apps are developed to be available to download on iPhone, iPad and the majority of Android Devices from the respective app stores.

While a website helps you acquire new customers an app lets you engage with your existing customers whilst building loyalty and retention. Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a business’s profitability by as much as 75%?

How do Apps Compare?

The following segment displays an apps ability to engage with customers while comparing it to four mobile marketing channels most used by businesses today.

App vs. Mobile Friendly Website

While a mobile website is a MUST for any business you have to wait for your customers to engage with you. With an app you don’t have to wait because it lets you initiate contact driving customer engagement at any time.

Unlike a website, social media or email, apps utilise a smartphones technology making an app more personal,
task-oriented and technically suited to the users mobile device.

Use your website to acquire new customers while using an app to retain and re-engage existing customers driving them back in store, in app or to your website when you need them most. Even use your app to entice customers away from your competitors when they stray with geo-fence and push notification technology.

App vs. Email Marketing

The average email campaign which includes newsletters is opened by only 20% of those who receive it. The other 80% are either caught up in junk folders or are deleted before being read.

A message from an app (push notification) however appears right on a smartphones home screen regardless of whether the phone is locked or not. The recipient must act on each message by simply tapping it to open or dismiss it.

Unlike email, push notifications have no junk folder to get lost in and they will not be left lingering in an inbox unread, they simply cannot be ignored and the recipients must act one way or another to continue into their phone.

App vs. Facebook

While social media like Facebook is essential for most businesses today, it has its limitations that most business owners are not aware of. A lot of people believe that because they have 1,000 likes, when they post on their page 1,000 people will see what they have posted. This is certainly not the reality.

Over time, people on Facebook add more Friends and Like more Pages, yet they can’t keep increasing the amount of time that they spend reading their News Feed which displays on average 1,500 posts per day. As a result the reach that your post has is decreasing month after month.

The below figures demonstrate the significant decline of posts that are actually seen or read on the average Facebook users news feed. As a result Facebook is becoming even more of a “pay-to-play” service for small business.

Apps vs. Text Marketing

In short, push notifications are a much more professional and affordable way in which to engage with your customers delivering a more compelling message than just text.

push notification clearly identifies the sender by displaying the businesses name and app icon opposed to an unknown number that appears including just text.

Push notifications can also be scheduled to be sent at different times based on the recipient’s location. Text marketing has to go to everyone at one time regardless of where they are.

To avoid being accused of sending SPAM you must have documented permission from the recipients that you are texting. Because this is not always the case the opt-out rate for text marketing is 5% per campaign sent.

This is not the case with push notification as the user automatically gives you permission to message them when they enable the push notification feature themselves.

A text marketing campaign will also cost between 5c and 10c per text per recipient and as much as 50c per text per recipient if you wish to include an image. As part of our monthly hosting and maintenance package we offer unlimited push notifications to an unlimited number of recipients regardless of whether you are sending an image, coupon, flyer, video or even plain old text.